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The March 1 meeting of the Scotland Co. Commissioners had a discussion about the proposed "Mega Dump". A summary of the meeting and its related discussion can be found here, or click on the "Read More" link below.

Fayetteville Observer Article

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Published: 10:49 PM, Mon Mar 01, 2010
Scotland commissioners debate new landfill

What happened: The commissioners debated whether or not to proceed with a new landfill that would replace the current landfill. It would take at least five years for the new landfill to potentially turn a profit. The project would first have to incur a debt of $2.3 million in order to break even. There would also be a $1 million closure fee for the current landfill. To date, researching the new landfill has totaled $14,424.

Why it matters: It is unclear where the $3 million for building the landfill would come from, or if building a new landfill is necessary. Scotland County Manager Kevin Patterson suggested possibly increasing tipping fees. He also said that in order for Scotland County to be able to lock in a low interest rate of 2.5 percent, it will be necessary to have all architectural drawings and documentation completed. He estimated that everything might be ready as early as July.

What they said: Commissioner John Alford asked, "OK, if we are going to close our landfill then how are we going to raise the $1 million necessary to do so? If you increase tipping fees, then the city of Laurinburg, which is currently the landfill's biggest user, might decide to send their trash to Robeson's landfill." Commissioner Bob Davis reminded everyone of a promise that the board made in 2007. Davis said, "This board sat right here and said if our legislature would help get us relief for Medicaid then we would never mention building a landfill again. The legislature worked hard and helped us out and now, not two years later, we are sitting here talking about building a landfill." Davis' comments drew applause from the audience.

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