Editorial: Canned - Residents were right about Scotland mega-landfill
Friday, June 11, 2010 (00:36:54)

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An interesting editorial appeared in the Fayetteville Observer today, June 10, 2010.

Fayetteville Observer Editorial

"In a fine demonstration of leaders taking some good direction from the led, Scotland County has officially ended its flirtation with the idea of expanding a closed landfill to create a regional mega-dump.

The motion before the county commissioners was to terminate this particular plan. But, given the county's earlier misadventure with a similar plan, it was agreed that the wording would be changed to preclude all proposals for regional landfills. There were no dissenting votes.

Residents on both sides of the controversy have understood all along the importance of economic development. But those who kept peeling away layers eventually exposed the truth: Scotland County is the wrong place for disposal on such a scale.

The county is small - about half the size of Cumberland and just over a third the size of Sampson. A regional landfill would take up, and contaminate, a lot of acreage. It would have to import thousands of tons of waste a day, yet only one of Scotland's neighbors - Hoke County - might have need of its services. That turns "regional" inside-out because the waste would have to come from clients outside the region, quite likely including South Carolina.

Scotland County still needs economic development, but the public correctly perceived that this was an illusion. And this time, all of the commissioners apparently got the message."

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