Marlboro County, SC Landfill lawsuit to be heard this month
Monday, November 14, 2011 (01:57:29)

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As reported by The Herald Advocate

Marlboro County’s battle against a municipal solid waste landfill will play out in court next week.
A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday-Wednesday, February 21-22, at the Marlboro County Courthouse before Judge Michael Nettles.
This relates to a lawsuit that Marlboro County filed in 2007 against the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, alleging improper procedures and challenging the constitutionality of DHEC’s landfill permitting regulations.
The suit was placed on hold and later re-filed by the county. In turn, DHEC filed a motion to dismiss the suit, but Nettles denied that request last year.
The landfill has been a controversial issue since August 2007, when a company called MRR Sandhills, LLC, first proposed building it on a 900-plus acre tract of land between Highways 38 and 177 near the SC/NC line.
The county held a non-binding referendum in June 2008, in which just over 93 percent of the votes cast were in opposition to the landfill.
Since then, multiple lawsuits have been filed in connection with the landfill, including this one.
Belvin Sweatt, chairman of Citizens for Marlboro County, spoke about the hearing at Tuesday’s county council meeting, urging as many people as possible to attend and support the county. He said a number of environmental groups have been contacted and asked to send representatives as well.

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