NC Senate Bill 328 (S328) - The Landfill Bill
Thursday, June 13, 2013 (04:24:08)

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This bill does so much to undermine the Solid Waste Management Act of 2007, which was hard won and embraced by so many. Remember why it was needed in the first place ... to keep the industry from overstepping bounds in fragile areas, to keep NC from being the dumping ground for NYC trash. This is not about NC trash issues. This is not an appropriate "industry" to bring to our state. States such as PA, OH, and VA have learned their lesson the hard way. We have learned from them that this is all about the waste industry dumping on NC.

NCConservation Network Petition: ,to send to your Representative and Senator, and the Governor. Many of you, having played a role in the Moratorium and the Solid Waste Management Act of 2007, will want to reach out to as many legislators as you can, about the specifics of this bill, sneaked in, rushed through.

Link to S328: . Click on Edition 2 for wording. The bill is now in Senate Finance. No matter the timing of the bill, the best thing to do is to contact your representatives, and others whom you think need this information, as soon as possible.

Download: S328 Analysis
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Below are more specifics about what the bill includes:

* raising landfill height restrictions and reducing protective buffers
* expands the length of permits to 30 years, so even as standards change or improve, the entire landfill stays grandfathered under old, inadequate standards
* allowing groundwater contamination to stay in place until it actually contaminants the neighbor’s property;
* eliminating the requirement for regular inspections of leachate collection lines, which prevent toxic liquid sludge from spreading away from a landfill. This would mean a landfill operator would wait until a leaking line is found and THEN fix it, rather than prevent a leak from occurring
* prohibiting revisions to state groundwater standards more frequently than once every five years - this is weakened from the current 3 year review, and affects the whole groundwater program
* allowing construction of a landfill in wetlands that fall outside federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction.
* allowing for landfills that are 300 feet high – 90 feet taller that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
* limiting the landfill operator’s responsibility to assess a release of polluted water generated by the landfill.

Here’s a link to a blog post that explains the issue well. An excerpt: “The bill undoes a number of environmental standards adopted in a 2007 rewrite of the state’s landfill permitting laws, weakening protections for parks, wildlife refuges, wetlands, endangered species habitat and sensitive or high quality surface waters. It also changes some longstanding environmental standards for landfill operation that predate the 2007 law.”

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