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A message to Scotland County from landfill expert Peter Anderson:

I can't put myself forward to tell another municipality how they should balance their competing concerns. However, I would hate for them to think of the $1 or $2 per ton host fees as free money, only counterbalanced by some temporary annoying smells and truck traffic.

For the bottom line of our extensive analysis of landfill designs and existing financial assurance structures is that, for large landfills in populated areas, there will be substantial clean up costs that, in the case of massive landslides such as what occurred near Cincinnati in 1996, would cost approximately $80 per ton to excavate, stabilize and re-enter the section that cleaved off. Then, there would be the associated costs for contaminated drinking water supplies and other lost economic activity.

That is to say, you will not just be asked to buy some financial stability at the minor price of noise and odors. Rather, the ultimate cost will be magnitudes far beyond anything you received... so large it will likely bankrupt the community.

Peter Anderson
Landfill and Dump Expert

We feel that we in Scotland County have some things that are very valuable and it would be beneficial to market these to the state, country, and the world.

These are:
* St. Andrews University
* Desirable Retiree Living
* Tourism
* Sports
* Growth at Ft. Bragg, Ft, Mackall, and Moore County
* Transportation Hub : I-74, I-95, and US 1
* Ideal climate
* Good environment for attracting small businesses
* Medicaid tax relief of .22 within five years which would provide some tax relief

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